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Rapid Profit Machine Review

What is The Rapid Profit Machine

The Rapid Profit Machine System a 50 multiple income stream cost-free completely DFY affiliate marketing system set up using unique auto-tag modern technology on the awesome Builderall all-in-one digital marketing platform.

Why Rapid Profit Machine and Auto-Tagging?

This is a valuable tracking system that allows your links to be directly reported to places like google analytics so you can see how well your links are performing and so can google to rank you on search engines. But you don’t have to worry about that since the creator of RPM, James Neville Taylor spent months working it all out for you so all you have to do is click a button and your free affiliate marketing program is good to go!

Let Me Break Down The Steps For You

As a free RPM user now all you have to do is grab your Builderall 2-week free trial then copy your unique RPM affiliate link and start sending traffic to earn from 50 income streams! (all detailed in James setup instructions).

It doesn’t get any easier than this to make money online!

All of your email follow-ups will be sent on your behalf with your affiliate links already hardcoded into them! (instant commissions).

One of the best features of the Rapid Profit Machine is the 30 email follow-ups. And you guessed it these are also professionally written for you too! (you have the ability to get more if you want to).

Rapid Profit Machine For Newbies

So after completing your download, set up your 2 x 15-day email sequence will begin once you set up the RPM & you will collect the leads in your own email list. How easy is that? Yes you heard me you are building a list for yourself and it is easily downloaded with one click! Your Digital Asset forever!

And all of your emails will already have your affiliate links embedded in them! No work from you whatsoever.

How Awesome Is That?

This Incredible unique affiliate system is entirely FREE to start  (I really don’t know what James was thinking?) So don’t wait till it’s gone! This “complete done for you” system won’t be free forever, grab your chance to build a business, gain an email list, and all the funnels, training, and digital systems you need to be successful from one of the leaders in the industry for free!

Celebrate You

How Long Does It Take To Set Everything Up?

I’m glad you asked…it will literally take you 5 minutes to set it up! This is a click-and-go system and you follow along with James as he literally shows you where to click and go next you can’t mess this one up!

There are a couple of bonus steps inside the Rapid Profit Machine member site if you would like a chance to win free solo ad clicks and a spot in his free traffic rotator. Yep, he is even giving you free traffic too!

Unheard of Access In Affiliate Marketing

The membership site contains all the information, training, and promotional materials you will need. There is a Facebook group, weekly wealth training, support staff everything.

It’s highly recommended to check out every tab inside the RPM system you will find so many more programs that may be helpful to you.

For example, one section teaches you a very detailed step-by-step how the TikTok program works, algorithms and what will force traffic, and “how to” of video editing. (this one blew my mind there are tips in there even I wasn’t aware of).

Rapid Profit Machine For Beginners

So you can fully understand the value of what is being offered, it is definitely a win-win. What have you got to lose when it costs you nothing? But in return what if it ends up giving you everything you ever wanted and maybe more?

What To Expect After Joining

Join the family and Welcome! We will be overjoyed to see you! Join the Facebook group so we can all say hi and help you each step! First, you will get a welcome video from James and a quick intro to why he has done all this work for people like yourself.

Second You will get a “warrior plus” greeting (this is the company you will download all your programs and get sales from). You will get a video to follow from James that will help you set everything up from square one. Set aside at least an hour to fully give yourself time to acclimate to everything.

Focus On The Step

By then you will be up and running in full swing! Start posting your links to social media or emails. If you are just starting then you will be sharing on social media as you grow your list. If you’re a newbie you will gain 2-6 email signups a day and 1-2 sales a week usually. This can vary from holidays and time of year.

If you are not a newbie then you could see a lot faster growth and sales as soon as your first day! Stay Positive, never quit, creating a new business can be overwhelming but this will pass as you become more familiar with each step of your business that will subside I promise! Good Luck on your journey, I will see you on the other side!

Here’s to New Beginnings! 

The Complete Rapid Profit Machine System with Mentorship & Traffic!

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