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Best Kept Blogging Secrets

Best Kept Blogging Secrets You Need to Know

So you have decided to work remotely, you have this big idea and dream to start a blog and get your voice out there. Now you decide you want to market it and make it a successful blog. How do you do this? What are the best kept blogging secrets in the industry and how do you get them?

How do you go about getting your blog out there to be seen and known by others? How do you draw readers and keep them coming back for more? There are many ways to get your blog out there and known by others by utilizing these blogging secrets to help you get your foot in the door!

This can be known as challenging for some and just quite easy for others. If you have ever had a successful blog before then you know what it takes. You are not going to get anywhere by just setting up a blog and hoping that people will find it and read it. Sometimes it takes Side Hustles to get you going. You are not going to gain any links, or a higher search engine ranking by just having a blog you’ll need expert SEO. This is all part of blog marketing. Anyone can do it, even you.

Best Kept Blogging Secrets

Success Blogging Secret #1

When you realize you want to work from home, and you first create a blog, of course, it is unknown until you build it. No one knows anything about the blog unless you give them the link and show it to them.

However, for a new blog that has never been seen, there are many ways to get it out there and known. You just need to know-how. The first thing that you can do is to allow RSS feeds to be taken from your blog. Allow other websites and blogs to publish your same exact blog. Learn more on SEO and other tips in the article on how to improve your SEO rankings.

When you do this, they are giving you a link back to your blog, and also telling their readers all about your blog. You will get more traffic than ever with this tool. RSS feeds are wonderful for promoting and getting your blog out there.

Blogging Secrets # 2

Blogging Secret # 2

Update your blog frequently. We can not put enough emphasis on this tip. If you tell your readers that you are going to update your blog daily, then do it. If you tell them that you will be writing in your blog weekly, don’t let them down. For more ideas like this check out our work from home strategy guides.

Your readers are what makes your blog successful. You may not realize this in the beginning, and you will have few readers in the beginning as well, but you will eventually build a readership base and have people checking out your blog regularly. Remember to improve your SEO, so new readers can find you.

Blogging Secrets # 3

Blogging Secrets # 3

While you are working on your readership base and trying to gain readers, you are going to find that commenting on blogs that are relevant to yours will surely help. Find a blog that is on the same topic as yours, or close to it and leave comments.

You can also make a trackback (sharing a link) with your blog postings to comment on your own blog. Doing so will probably more than likely give someone else the urge to track back to your blog. Google loves these kinds of links and can improve page rank. Which will be good for it as well.

 Commenting on blogs that get many comments will make you be seen by those interested in that market. The gang over at Rank Watch has an interesting takeaway on commenting! You will gain traffic and readers that way, and it is easy as well as free.

Blogging Secrets #4

Learn and apply SEO to your blogs. SEO is search engine optimization. SEO is the process of searching google for the most search terms that week and using those words in your post title, and description as well as pics and social media sites too.

One of the best tools to really kick start your SEO process is the 12-minute affiliate program. It will walk you through step by step and improve your articles every time you use it.

You are going to find that if you want your blog to go anywhere, you need SEO, and you need to know how to use it to the advantage of your blog. Just like a website, a blog will be better off optimized with SEO, go ahead and read this article on how to perfect SEO, then come back here and grab your free downloadable guide below!

If You want to dig a little deeper into understanding Blogging or writing in general, Grab this FREE DOWNLOAD about the “Best-kept Blogging Secrets! “Enjoy!

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