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How to Work From Home by Selling Photos

How To Work From Home Selling Photos

Selling Your Photos Online

The ability to make money online as a photographer by selling your photos online is all about managing the creativity that came from your heart and then you apply it to your online business and make money while you do it.

It can seem hard to make it when anyone with the newest iPhone and access to free photo editing software can call themselves a photographer, but success for most creators who turn to entrepreneurship comes down to three things:

  1. Finding your niche, what makes you excited about the world
  2. Building an audience that feels the same way you do
  3. Creating several streams of passive income, put your eggs in many baskets

This job posting explores some of the things you should know about how to sell your photography online, with resources to help you find the best way to sell photos online, such as online selling sites where you can list your photos. 

Selling Photos Online

How Does It Work

Photojobz is an online platform where you can sell your photos to others and earn from them. If you are a freelancer you can take engaging photos and upload them on this platform, with thousands of potential buyers (who already subscribe) who can bid and or purchase them directly from your site.

You can also submit your photos to other sites from this platform that they have partnered with such as Shutterstock. The platform does charge a monthly subscription while you use the service however there are no service fees or a percentage that they take from you ever, your work belongs to you and your money is yours.

If you are interested in more details check out this link for Photojobz to learn more!

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