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A Users Guide: Top 50 ways to make an income of $4500 per month!

When I first started blogging no one told me anything about how to get started let alone what Side Hustles were. I watched someone on YouTube say they started and were making 10,000 a month. I was so excited I jumped online and tried to figure out how to start.

Well, I can tell you after several months and lots of late nights, I was not making 10,000 a month in fact what I’ve learned will surprise you! If you want to write and you love it, you will become successful. I created a plan to start out and make $4500 a month. If you work the program it will happen after 30 days or so. But you have to be diligent in doing this every single day, don’t give up!

Side Hustles will Build Your Business

I promise if you keep at it, things will happen but not overnight it’s not a get-rich-quick process, and if anyone is trying to sell you something saying it will be, it is simply not a true run!  What I can tell you is everyone who figures it out wants to keep it a secret unless you pay for it, that’s frustrating when you have a dream and can’t figure out how to reach it. So, let’s get started this is what I’ve learned so far.

First, you can’t think of making money in the traditional way, as in I need 20 dollars an hour or I can’t pay my bills. You must think of it as a process of “I need $150 per day”, where can I make $150 today. Now I started off small and obtainable at $150 per day ( based on the 30-day calendar) to begin, but if you work this program to its fullest it is very possible to make so much more.

Work Smarter not harder to create the Big list

The Big List

So, I started a list of 50 places (I keep adding to this list below) I could go to online every day and worked on that list until I made 150. Some are very small, swag bucks I could pull $5.00, another survey site $3.00, and then I could do some very small gig work items for amazon for $1.50, $1.00, etc., and so on. There are a few big ones for $20-$30 but I mostly concentrated on small obtainable ones. Most often take no time at all to do, and trust me, it all adds up when you count them at the end of the day.

I have a picture on my desk that says “How can I make $150 today “it provides me with motivation to keep going each day. Some days are only four hours long, I’ll be honest most are 8-10 when your getting started so be prepared no hidden truths here.

Now people often say, “I need to make money daily to make ends meet”. I understand that too, I was also in the same boat when I started, and I will tell you this process will take a month before you really see the payouts.

This is because most side hustles or “gig work” are a little different than delivery jobs or package couriers services that pay daily, gig work will pay after you reach a certain amount of $20 – $50 before they release it.

How Side Hustles Really Work

Side hustles are processed on a funnel system. Here is what a funnel means in gig work. You start every day by making the budget you have set for yourself. Each day ads up and then when you reach your threshold for payout usually 30 days, each day after that will become a payout because you didn’t stop, like a funnel that has many things in it all eventually will fill your cup.  

If you keep adding money each day eventually it will start paying out each day and each month will start to double and so on and so forth.

Here’s an example:

  • Day one: $150 (doesn’t pay till you reach the threshold.
  • Day 2-30: keep working every day and meeting your goal
  • Day 31: threshold met, and most services start paying out by now BUT your still working and meeting your budget of $150. So now you not only get your threshold money but the money you are doing each day is also going to payout.

This is how the funnel works. Therefore, you need to keep your day job until it really starts coming in. During all this you will also be working your but off to write excellent articles you are passionate about, building your website, and designing your ads for social media. Be prepared for a long journey and a very busy one.

The long Journey is worth it!

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

This journey will be one that will pay off, and it is so worth it. All your hard-earned work won’t go to waste either once you reach 50,000 visitors to your website/ blog, you will gain ad agencies that want to promote your site, you’ll be able to make money off affiliate marketing and you can consider quitting your day job and possibly the gig work too if you want to!

If you don’t have a day job or a computer? I can still help you I did not either at first. I used the free computers at the library to set everything up (took me three months), and I used my car to do delivery services like Uber, Grub hub, and Door Dash to make the money I needed for a laptop and new phone.

Pay attention to the details!

Pro Tips

*Pro Tip: Set yourself up an email account just for this list specifically (Your work account) and that way your personal email isn’t bogged down. With a list this size, you will want one place to go that has ONLY your work stuff so it’s not cluttered. Don’t use it for anything else it will make it easy to work each day trust me you want easy. I personally have one email for my business account and one for my side gigs only, one for my marketing, and then one for my personal stuff. I have found that it keeps things less messy, and you know where to go to find everything quickly and easily.

After several months of trying to figure this business out and not finding answers very easy on the internet (too many scams), it came to me to work smarter not harder that’s when I got busy and created this list to help me get out of the delivery service work and make money at home. Is still work-in-progress and when you’re in marketing it always will be. I hope you’re able to find a few things here to help you start your journey!

*I’m always open to new ideas and would love to know how you’re doing drop me a line, in the comments, email me or connect on social media!

Grab your free downloadable & printable excel spreadsheet to use to help you Set this up!

The Big List

1 PicWorkers

$5-$25 per task

  • Gig work bid on small easy tasks and gain freelance experience.

2 GoTranscription

$15 – $20 per Audio Hour

  • Transcribe texts, emails, apps, healthcare, or legal files.

3 ProBlogger

$3-$50 per gig

  • Job Posting Board with Freelance jobs posted daily

4 Freelancer

$10 – $30 per job

  • A writer’s gig works, you bid on jobs and complete the tasks for pay.

5 HoneyGain

$10-$20 daily

  • Share your internet that’s it!

6 ReceiptHog

Use Bonus Code:  nug88186 to get #250 points!

$5-$40 per 1000 Receipts

  • Upload photos of receipts and receive token coins to exchange for cash.

7 SwagBucks

$5-$30 per day

  • To many to list, you can make daily cash from participation in different games, surveys, shopping, videos, reviews, etc. I personally make $20 per day doing their tasks.

8 SurveyJunkie

$5-$50 per day

  • Best of the Best survey site, cash-out daily gig work, surveys, and reviews. By far my favorite one, so easy they send me inbox offers, the first one each day is always $5 bucks! it’s so easy to make money with them! Add them to your list for sure!

9 QuickRewards

$1-$5 per task

  • Do Surveys, reviews on videos, websites, products, view emails and get paid for them, and cash out daily. Nice quick easy cash!

10 Canva

$2-100 and Up!

  • Sell designs on Etsy for $2.00 each, make digital downloads, calendars, books, pamphlets, really anything. It all starts with the designs you create in Canva that transfer to all social media which makes this a great program to design in.
  • The opportunities are endless and you can sell your designs literally anywhere, Pinterest, Instagram, fiver, eBay, etc.

11 Izea

$1-$20 per job

  • Log into your marketer account and pick from a list of advertisers that day that list campaigns for you to participate in. Campaigns can be one, two, or three months long. You choose and set your price and complete the offers. Daily offers, cash payouts.

12 GG2U

$2-$5 per offer

  • Get paid to take surveys, watch videos and play games

 13 Heartbeat

$5-$10 per gig

  • Use Instagram and TikTok and post ads or articles for cash daily.


$50-$150 per job

  • Make TikTok product videos for different brands. You bid on different projects, and then produce the videos, upload, and submit your link to get paid. Many different products on this platform like going through amazon. Products are endless. A fantastic way to get yourself or your business noticed.

15 TextBroker

$1-$5 varies per job and day

  • Select offers posted on the job board and get paid per word you write. Clients can bid on your profile to compete for articles based on your rank and skill.

16 HireWriters

$2-$15 per gig

  • Blog writing., ghostwriting news articles translation to English writing, web postings social media writing, etc.

17 JustAnswer

$1.50-$10/ premium $28-$100 avg

  • Online question and answer service where people ask questions and you get paid to answer them correctly. The more you do the better the pay tiers you are in. There is also a premium answer service if you’re an expert at things, doctor, counselor, electrician, plumber, makeup specialist, hairdresser etc you can charge your own hourly rate for live advice.

18 QuickTate

$1-$5 per gig selected

  • Transcription gig work do anytime you want. They post a job board you bid on to do until the required amount of people has completed the tasks. You can use their audio to fully transcribe all files. Great or beginners who don’t want to invest a lot to learn the ropes.

19 ClickWorker

$1.50- $5.00 per task

  • Daily gig work, participates in surveys, website reviews, searches, and categorizes data. Great way to make instant cash it’s a definite must-have in your daily to-do list. Can pick up several 3- 5 minutes jobs, email watch, video views, short quick tasks and get paid same day for.

20 PaidToReadEmails

  $1.00-$5.00 per email/ survey

  • These are very easy straight forward tasks. What I like about this one is you can log into your site account each day( not your own email) and just click on the email center link where a Brand has sent you an ad to watch or you just click it and close, you get paid $0.03 cents to $.050 cents apiece!
  • Super easy no effort required you could sit there all day and do that even while watching Netflix! They have recently added surveys to their site, most pay very well $5.00 was the first one I did.

21 RemoTasks

$0.03 cents – $5.00 per task

  • This is a personal favorite, very simple to do tasks. You start off in a beginners tier that promotes you as you do more tasks. The beginners get paid around three cents to start but go up in about a week.
  • You are essentially correcting AI speech patterns. You get a sentence of about five words, and you listen to make sure the AI spoke it correctly. You then select “Yes” or “No” if it was spoken correctly or not that’s it, and then the next screen loads.
  • You can seriously make about $50 -$60 a day if you put your mind to it! You can also bid on special tasks to do the same thing only in longer sentences for about $100! They pay weekly via paypal.

22 AddMeFast

#400 bonus points to sign up!

  • Sharable social media platform to drive traffic towards each member’s sites. Only pays in sharable coins that can be used to fund your clicks per site that you choose to have shared.

23 IWriter

$15- $200 per job

  • This is a beginner’s website to start writing professional articles, some in length. There is potential to build a portfolio here while getting paid. Most jobs are by the week with some longer-term contracts.

24 Listverse

$100 per List

  • If you like to create lists these ones are for you! Creative writing that has various subjects to create lists for. Almost anything is game! Have fun and get paid per article too.

25 ReceiptPalApp

$10 avg per day

  • Snap a pic of your receipts, 40 receipts uploaded equals a $10 Amazon/Visa gift card. If you’re a delivery driver you can link your accounts and get points for those receipts too

26 ShopKick

(Use Code: NICE375590 and grab 250 bonus points)

$1-$5 daily

  • Take photos of selected products’ bar codes in stores. You can redeem for gift cards, cash, or thousands of products. Super fun, fast and easy.

27 Fiverr

$5- $25 per job

  • Sell your skill, list what you can do for as little as $5 per task. Limited only by what you want to make and how much you want to sell.

28 TikTok Masterclass

$25- $100 per day

  • Use these masterclass techniques to boost your videos and your techniques to build a lucrative business. Income will be much higher over time, with no limits. (TikTok is a multi-billion business right now) This one is very HOT.

29 Bananatic

$3-$10 per day avg.

  • Video game testing, surveys, etc. You earn bananas for each game or survey you choose to do and turn those in for cash, PayPal, or gift cards.

30 QuickThoughtsSurveys

$10 -$20 per survey (2-3 weekly avg)

  • This is an app that has various surveys available to you throughout the week it has 10-20 questions at most there very easy to do. Payout is in apple cash. I love this one because it gives me money for my apple games each week! Surveys increase over time as you complete more, you get more. Super easy and quick to do.

31 UserFeel

$2-$10 per test

  • Test apps and website products on apple watch, iPhone, iPad, etc. The more frequently you work the more tests you are offered. If you slow down, the offers slow down as well.

32 UserTesting

$4-$45 avg per gig

  • Take a live video of you trying a game, app, or website, upload, and once approved payment is sent. Can be used with multiple devices simultaneously. The longer you record the better the payout.

33 Enrollapp

$1-$10 per test

  • Small gig tasks can be done quickly, must answer about 500 polls to begin but it qualifies you for better tests that pay well. Polls are single-question polls such as “do you like it when it rains yes or no?” that can be easily done while watching television!

34 Playtestcloud

$10-$20 per recording

  • Play a game in a level they request; they will send you the game download if needed and the level. You will play that level while recording your voice describing everything you think about while playing and what you’re seeing in the level. This beta-type testing works out bugs in those levels or updates and patches for developers.

35 Rewards

$2-$5 per day

  • Earn points for completing surveys about your whereabouts that day as in grocery stores what you bought and gas stations. Complete surveys and connect your social networks to gain more. Points are redeemable for gift cards, visa cards, or amazon money.

36 InteliZoomPanel

$1-$5 per task selected

  • Test products, websites, and apps. Gig work, daily jobs posted on job board until required number of posts have been done.

37 BetaTesting

$10-$30 per test

  • Test unreleased beta versions of websites, apps, and software to help developers find bugs and glitches. If you try out a focus group, pay is substantially higher and can lead to special projects that last out into weeks or months.

38 StickR

$10-$25 per month

  • Select banners to put on your car for the month to receive commissions of total sales revenue split between other drivers. Taking a picture once a month to prove it’s still on there is all you got to do. Easy money.

39 PinchMe

Free Products No Cash

  • This is a site that allows you to test products and keep them by just answering questions about how you used them and what you thought of them. If you really enjoy them, you can buy more at huge reduced discounts. You can build your personalized site with things you like and that’s what they send it’s very user-friendly.

40 TestBirds

$10-$20 per review

  • User testing websites, games, and apps. They ask you to perform a list of items while reviewing an app, website, or game. They pay you a flat fee for the total review and additional bonuses for finding bugs, glitches, or inaccurate information.


$3-$15 per bug or issue found

  • Test paying platforms for bugs and glitches. This is a great site for beginners because they have training videos and many learning tools and you can literally learn to do this from scratch and go on to bigger and better things later on with your experience

42 UpWork

$5-$100 per job

  • The bid job site is for gig work. Freelance writing projects, graphic designs, websites, social media experts, etc. Works very much like Fiverr, however, these projects are for longer terms, and Fiverr is generally a one-hit wonders kind of project.

43 CafePress

$2-$40 per job bid

  • Design clothing and sell in your custom-designed shop works just like Etsy but adds another layer and links to social media for traffic.

44 SmugMug

$1-$30 per pic

  • Sell your landscape photos and receive a commission per click and upload. Traffic and brand recognition, the platform helps you grow.

45 SponsoredTweets

$1.00-$4.00 avg per tweet

  • Get paid per tweet out advertisers campaigning slogans and phrases. Some gig work assignments allow you to review other tweets and write back. Price goes up over time as you complete more jobs and can reach in the thousands for regular work.

46 Scribie

$20-$80 per transcription

  • Bid Transcription jobs on a job board. You can select how long or the pay as options for searching for the best ones to bid on. Jobs are filled in daily and are anytime you want to work. Many have time constraints once you start. Once you’ve completed several jobs longer higher-paying jobs start to show up on your job board to bid on.

47 TranscribeMe

$15-$22 per audio hour

  • Bid transcription jobs, select from various random transcription jobs, medical, legal or video transcripts to choose from.

48 HappyScribe

$450 Month-$3000 month

Transcribe text from voice memos, news videos, weather, music lyrics, etc. Many different options to choose from. Flexible schedule, hours, and recording options to choose from.

49 TranscribeWreally

$5-$25 hourly

  • Bid Transcription jobs mostly medical, physicians notes, and lab documents. Transcribe through video or voice to talk texts and translate into proper grammatical English legible documents. Transcribe telemedicine visits into notes as well. Super easy, great for the beginner, lots of training videos, and customer service help.

50 InBoxDollars

$5-$10 per day

  • Great paid surveys sight. They have an app that will let you know if you have an opportunity available. It pays you to review emails, ads and has the coolest virtual store site, you actually go through the store and select items online and review them. Pretty cool. plus they have an automated system to make sure you make your first $30 bucks! Love it you gotta check this one out!

51 Money Pantry

$10-$20 per offer

  • Article writing sources and places to apply to submit your articles for payment. Can be pretty lucrative especially if you like to write about travel.

 52 r/slaveLabour

$1-$5 per gig

  • Reddit Gig Work paid by job per day. Various odd jobs sometimes data entry and others click sites and review for pay. I’ve seen a lot of single article posts for a website or newsletters, emails, etc.

53 Verblio

$5-$50 per job

  • $5-$50 depends on the job offered
  • Writers center where you bid on different projects, and you suggest a price that could be hours or days long in duration.

54 TaskRabbit

$15- $45 per task

  • Gig work site that allows you to choose from different jobs that show up randomly in the platform or app and its a “first come first serve”  type of deal. This type of work ranges from in-person “Mr. Fix It” type of jobs to office work, data entry, and various elements of website work.

55 MTurk

$.10 cents – $10.00

  • Penny tasks to get started. Count pictures on a site, add up receipts, copy-paste functions on many websites, gather emails, describe pictures you see, etc. Gig work can select offers immediately; time limits can keep doing the job until the required number of slots are filled.

56 PeoplePerHour

$10-$50 per job

  • Freelance website for local area businesses. Everything from It, administrative, writing, SEO, and social media, to taxes.
  • Log in to the app daily to see gig jobs posted, bid on the rate you would like or the job, and then agree to term and start working.
  • This job is just like Fiverr and Upwork Except it is local jobs so not as much competition and easier to bid at the rate you choose.

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