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Learn Your Niche!

The single most important decision is Niche. Once you Learn your Niche, there’s no limit to where you can go! Owning a business has many advantages from being able to set your own hours to have the control to sell what you want. 

But you must make the most important decisions, where do want this adventure to take you, what drives your excitement every day? What is something you enjoy, make a list, and then see where it takes you.

Learn Your Niche
Learn Your Niche

Learn a Niche, Important Steps to Take

Unfortunately, too many new business owners fail within their first year. It can be tricky to single out one important trait to start a business on. Learn more about setting up your home business from this article about work-from-home strategies. Let’s be honest, some of the things you start you may decide halfway through to scrap it and try something else.

Walt Disney attempted newspaper writing as an editor, but was fired due to lack of imagination, but went on to be seen as someone with the most imagination by creating Disney World.  That’s ok leaning is all about practice and sometimes having the courage to know you need to start over and try something else. You may just need a different framework.

Getting Started Learn Your Niche

The Most Important Steps to Learn Your Niche

First, this may sound redundant, but get an old fashion piece of paper and pen and fold it in half. One side needs to be titled ideas, the other side things I like about this idea, and maybe why?

I know people that have left this piece of paper around the house for months before it finally came to them what they wanted to do. For more secret tips like this jump on over to Best Blogging Secrets and learn more about many more secret tips, then come back and finish up the next steps!

Second, narrow this list by simply asking yourself questions about it. Solve problems with this idea.


  • Idea:   Gardening Tips    
  • Things I Like:  peaceful time, enjoy outdoors, I can teach someone “how to”. I can help someone with troubleshooting “new plants”. Maybe I can show people how to develop or shorten their plants and make “starts”.

Over time you may find as you develop this list is you may see at the top of your list is an idea for gardening, and down to the bottom of your list, you may have “I like to work with children.”

You may suddenly see an idea develop between the two of them and start a gardening site for children! Your mind will put things together that you didn’t see before that is how all great niches start.

Make Lists Learn Your Niche

Work Your Niche

Nows the good stuff once you’ve found a niche you want to start with or at the very least play around and fine-tune it. You are going to want to start researching every question you can ask yourself.


  • List ten things I can do with my new niche.
  • List ten questions about each item in the list you made above.
  • List ten problems with each item you made above


Children Gardening Niche

Gardening with children

  1. How can children garden?
  2. How can gardening teach children discipline?
  3. How can children learn respect through gardening?
  4. What children will learn as they plant and cultivate a garden?
  5. How children learn to teach with gardening
  6. How children improve their motor skills gardening
  7. How children learn about physical science from gardening
  8. What children learn about their ecosystem while gardening
  9. What do gardens teach children?
  10. How do children build self-confidence in gardening?

Now you simply write a question about each sentence then go back again and write a problem with each item in your list. If you can still complete these three lists without asking yourself if this is the right niche, then you’ve found your niche!

Each of those lists of ten items equals an independent article you can write on your website. Once you start yourself on this path the ideas will flow easily and more frequently.

The trick is to keep building your list of “ten.” I currently have a list of thirty just waiting to be written. I’m always adding ideas to my list I keep it by my bed, and I jot down ideas whenever I think of something. (it’s funny how things come to you in the middle of the night).

You’ll find it never stops. You just need to kick-start your brain to find that one spot of curiosity. If it brings you peace and makes you smile that’s it!

Research Your Niche

Prepare Your Niche for Marketing

The final step you will want to do once you have your Niche down is marketing. You will want to do some basic google searches and see what your competition is and what they are doing. Just the first three on a general search will give you an idea of how other successful people are marketing your niche.

Always be taking notes, jot down if something inspired you, or an idea you think is great that you may want to incorporate into your own pages such as a video blog or how-to video post.

Next, you will want to do some keyword research. So google questions a potential viewer of yours would ask, such as “how to teach my kid to garden”. This will show you how many people searched for this and what comes up. These words help you focus on how to name your articles so Google can find you for your viewers. You can learn more about this in my article How to improve your SEO rankings.

SEO Your Niche

Once you’ve got your niche down, things will start taking shape pretty quickly, and as your ideas keep coming your website will grow. If you want to learn how to get started in Blogging you can try out my blogging E-course by subscribing to our free weekly newsletter, or check out some of these articles to help you along the way!

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As an added bonus we’ve included this handy guide while you Learn Your Niche!

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know for finding your niche so you can stand out and create success faster.

Grab your free guide and discover what’s waiting for you!

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