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How to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Five Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings

You spent all this time pouring out your heart and soul with ideas you’ve been spinning in your head for so long that you feel as if you could burst inside with excitement. The work is done, you hit post, and now you wait to see if anyone shares the exhilaration of your greatest work right?

Wrong! Days go by and you start to question if you are really cut out to be doing this kind of work and if maybe your sixth grade teacher was wrong all along (and just wanted you to be quiet during class) you secretly scream no this isn’t happening.

But wait, maybe this really is your life’s greatest work, maybe this is just a simple fix with SEO optimization and keywords (sugar & spice) that will make google play nice and readers will come from far and wide to hear your voice! (A Little positivity never hurt anyone right?!) Let’s get started!

1. To Improve SEO Rankings, Start by Creating Content to Your Niche

Start by writing content that is specific for the reader. Let’s say you are writing about photography. If you are using search engine optimization correctly, you would fine-tune photography to “Landscape Photography” or “Drone Photography” which would be your Niche.

If you focus on your niche, (specialty topic, photography) then you now have found your keyword (landscape or drone photography). These niche words are also called keywords. Using these terms when you name your website, articles, and in your content improves your site’s relativity to google, Improves traffic, and your authority on search engines. You should always try to use your keywords three to five times in an article if you can without sacrificing content. If you really want to become an expert check out this article Learn Your Niche, and downloadable ebooks for inspiration!

2. Use Keywords Effectively to Build or Improve SEO Rankings

The use of keywords effectively improves your search engine optimization rankings. Google sees those words together when someone types them in the google search bar and pairs your articles with the searcher’s request.

Expanding keywords to match what people are searching for is key to this being effective. The use of a small phrase improves your rankings even more. Some call these long-tail SEOs.

Examples of Keyword Phrases for Landscape or Drone Photography:

-What is Landscape Photography

-How to use Landscape Photography

-Educational resources for landscape photography

-How to get a scholarship for drone photography

-Where to shop for drone photography tools (this could be a great affiliate link)

-What is the difference between landscape photography and drone photography?

*A note about multiple keyword Phrases. Unless those phrases are similar such as the last one in the list as a comparison, it should not be done. It will only confuse the algorithms that are attempting to rank your page and possibly confuse the reader as well. It’s best to stick to one topic and keep it simple.

3. Have a Site that is Link Worthy and Credible

A webpage that is content-rich (good details on information ) authoritative (has gathered information from other sites to support details), and helps readers learn more about what they are reading from your point of view is most likely to attract links from other websites(maybe a travel blog loves your photos and links to you), which improves your search engine optimization.

An example of this would be if you are writing about photography and you researched an article that said drones are increasing the way people take photos by 50 %, you would want to link that info in a keyword phrase like this:

Architects are viewing Drone Photography (keyword) as an important way to discover angles and light in their projects by 50 % according to Newsweek magazine (here’s your hyperlink and credible source).

4. Make Sure to Fill in MetaData

Metadata is the small brief description that Google uses to show a preview window on the search page of what the reader will see if he goes to your page. The writers over at do a fantastic job explaining this in detail and have some great photos as well if you wanna check those out!

Google does not use the information here at all for SEO optimization. This is your place to provide a brief “Hook” sentence to get the reader interested to click on your article. An example would be “Investigation of Drone usage in Real-estate”. And maybe a second phrase “Why should we use them”.  These phrases sound interesting and make the reader want to see what the answer is.

5. Don’t Forget Your Alt Tags!

Try to use tags whenever you post a video or image that allows search engines to search through those as well which helps your SEO rankings for optimization. See what I did there? I used my own keyword for this article for the third time did you notice?

Another good reason to use tags is the growing climate of readers that are using digital readers and screen readers. Some of your readers may be disabled, students, or even blind so it’s important to use tags to help you reach the most readers that could benefit from your expertise.

These are only a few of the many methods for improving your search engine ranking. If you want to learn more about website design or building your work from home business, we recommend the following resources:

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*This post may contain affiliate links. I only share opportunities that I truly believe will benefit my readers. Disclosure.

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