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Remote Jobs That Hire Felons

We’ve all made mistakes in our past that haunt us, making it hard to wake up every day and feel like you can smile again by leaving the past behind you. But sometimes that’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you are looking for remote jobs that hire felons.

It seems like every application has a background check and you just know you’re wasting your time trying to get this job when you have a felony on your record. But Wait!!! This may not be the case anymore. Thanks to an ever-increasing number of states participating in the Ban the Box laws, you can now qualify for many jobs even work-from-home jobs!

Finding Remote Jobs That Hire Felons

It can be tough at first to hunt for work. In fact according to a study done in “Life after Prison…”over 76 % of former felons return to a life of crime because of a lack of opportunities in jobs and housing. We’ve put together a list of some common employers that post regularly with work-from-home jobs just for you.

Below you will find their careers/jobs website links to bookmark and check up on often. Also, you can always check out our daily Fresh Job Leads of the most recent work from home opportunities posted right on this site every day!

Good Luck! Your future is looking brighter already.

Make your Job List First

Remote Jobs That Hire Felons Master List

  • All of these companies offer remote work for various opportunities
  • These are all legitimate, good-paying, and reputable companies
  • Easy to apply, start quickly or on the same day
  • A wide variety of jobs for felons, suited for different skill sets
  • Save money on gas, food, and other expense
  • Allows you valuable time to relax and rebuild your life

Adecco Employment Services (All)

Americorps (WA)

Anheuser Busch  

Bed Bath & Beyond    

Bloom Institute of Technology

Campbell Soup   

City Of Dallas (TX)

Dole Foods  

Finish Line

Foot Locker

Ford Motor Co  

Frito lay     

Fruit of the loom     

General Motors (UAW) Plants   

Goodwill Industries 

Impact Justice

JB Hunt Trucking Co

John Deere 


Kraft Heinz       



Portland University    

Smithfield Packing Co.   

Updated monthly, last update was on 05/21/2022.

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